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POS EXHIBITION features custom tents with logos and messages printed on top, hexagonal aluminum frame structuring in pop up style for expanding in an easy and quick way. Utilizing heat transfer printing techniques, your graphics are emblazoned on the canopy top in high resolution to ensure your brand logo and message are bright and vivid for all to see. The canopy top is constructed with 600 Denier polyester for its all-weather resilience and long-lasting durability.

This custom canopy tent is perfect for fairs, exhibitions, sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals and more. Being strong, solid, stable, wind-resistant & durable. Graphics are long-lasting and can endure exposure to outdoor elements. Polyester canopies and sidewalls are water resistant and UV-resistant, providing the ultimate protection from the sun. Coverage area shades up to five people comfortably.

Offers stability and support to withstand variable weather conditions.

We offer full dye sublimation printing on all of our canopies and accessories. We do offer screen printing on quantity orders. Our focus is to deliver high resolution printed products that will highlight and promote your brand.

Dye Sublimation – Using specially formulated inks, large direct print processors lay down reversed imagery onto transfer paper. Large bolts of our 500 denier polyester and large rolls of the now imaged papers are loaded and simultaneously run through fabric transfer machines. These machines feed the fabric and transfer paper together under extreme heat and pressure. At approximately 400 degrees the special inks “flash” from a solid to a gaseous state. The process is akin to little blasts of color as each pixel makes its journey into the fabric. The fabric is now dyed permanently by the process.

Consistent attributes of dye sublimation include: vibrant color, incredible detail limited only by the texture of the fabric (and the resolution/quality of the provided file), ability to be cleaned and even subjected to commercial washing machines, huge size capabilities and because it’s fabric – sewing and finishing for any need is possible. Print will never peel or crack.


Colors are for reference only and may vary slightly from the actual color, colors in stock can vary, please call to verify. No upcharge for custom colors but should have quantity and these can take 7 business days to manufacture.


Can I adjust the height of a custom tent?
Yes it is! All our personalized pop-up tents have adjustable height. The legs include push rods that lock in place. You can adjust the height by pressing the button and pulling the tent legs up or down. Each tent size has a different height. For more specific height adjustment information, please go to the product page of the tent or frame

What is the turnaround time for custom tents?
Our custom printed canopy tents need to be produced, so it takes standard 4-6 working days to complete before we ship to you.
What accessories and accessories can I order for my custom canopy tent?
If you want to add a little flare to your promotional tent setup, we provide many accessories and add-ons.

How should I store my custom tent?
Fold the advertising tent frame before storing and make sure to place it in a dry room that is not overheated, such as a closet.
Custom canopies should be stored in the same place unless they are properly folded to avoid wrinkles.

How long can this tent last?
The lifespan of the tent largely depends on the frequency of use, weather conditions during use, precautions and storage methods used. We strongly recommend that you follow proper maintenance and storage practices to ensure that your custom canopy tent has a long service life. If used and maintained properly, most tents have a service life of 1-3 years.

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