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Our textile banner printing process uses dye sublimation to produce a fully integrated and vibrant color spectrum. Photo-quality printing can be achieved on this unique fabric, providing you with unlimited options when designing matte fabric banners. Sewn hem and grommets are provided free of charge, so these signs can be displayed immediately upon arrival. Create your own or collaborate with our graphic designer to design a chic and stylish display. We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for every order, so we know you will like the finished product.

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100% polyester, Fully recyclable.
Air & wind permeable mesh structure.
Dye sublimation printed. Design reads correctly on the front and reverse on the back.
Light Weight. 4oz/130gsm (half weight of regular mesh vinyl).
Resistant fray, scuffing, curling, wrinkles, foldings and abrasion.
Washable and Fold-able.
Easy to transport and install. It is also very easy to store and re-use over numerous events.

Air mesh fabric fencing scrim is perfectly suited for athletic events, marathons and triathlons.
Want a more environmentally friendly banner that helps preserve the delicate ecological balance? This is a fantastic fabric solution which is more eco-friendly than vinyl mesh. It is very popular in the world-class sports and festival events as fence scrim banner!
What is the specification of Airmesh?
Airmesh is a white open hole weave fabric. It is tearproof, does not fray and it is 100% polyester. The printed images can be viewed from double sides. It is a very popular solution for event branding, in particular long runs of fence branding for cycling races, marathons and triathlons. it is very easy to transport and install. It is also very easy to store and re-use over numerous events.
Dye Sublimation Printing: We are able to print full colour images directly to the front side of Airmesh.
Finishing: We can cut or finish Airmesh with regular straight edges or hemming with eyelets at no extra cost.
Recycling: Our entire fabric range is 100% Polyester and is fully recyclable.
What does Dye Sublimation Printing mean?
High quality inkjet printing combined with traditional dye sublimation is the major technology used in our fabric and textile printing.
Dye Sublimation is a process that ink run through a heat calendar which, at 400F temperature, causes the ink to convert to a gas. Thus, through a chemical reaction, the gas actually becomes part of the fabric! Our sublimation printing is an ideal technology for producing low volume, customised fabric, textile or soft signage items.
Ink: We use Epson Ultra Chrome DS ink, the world standard dye sublimation ink. The highest level of waterproof, scratch-resistant, light fastness : Grade 5-7. This allows your graphics to look vivid for years without fading. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some of our competitors use cheap ink that fades fast in 3 months.

Why choose us?

We have many years of experience in customizing fabric banners. No matter where your banner is applied and how big the size is, we can meet any of your needs, and we have a wealth of solutions. Our standard background is made of tough, tightly woven knitted flame-retardant polyester fabric and printed in bright, full-color. After printing, each background will be carefully stitched and completed in accordance with the highest standards. Standard finishing includes hem and eyelets. We only use professional-quality plastic perforations in the background, which will not rust and damage the background.

Our advantage

Dye sublimation printing: We can print full-color images directly to the front of Airmesh.
Finishing: We can cut or finish Airmesh with regular straight edges or perforated edges at no additional cost.
Recycling: Our entire fabric collection is 100% polyester and fully recyclable. [template id=”2673″]


What is the main difference between fabric and vinyl banners?
Our fabric materials are more refined and are mainly designed for indoor use. Our fabric banners also use stitched hem instead of heat welded hem. Both types of edging will increase the strength of the product, allowing it to hang for a longer period of time without tearing.

Are the cloth strips the same as the cloth strips?
Fabric is a kind of cloth, but just marking something as fabric can describe a very wide range of materials. It’s important to understand what you get, and we will show as specific as possible what the materials are and how they feel, so that you won’t be surprised when you receive the banner. To

Can I upload my own custom art?
Yes it is! Every banner we make is customized, and uploading your files on our website is easy. We print all colors and styles, and can easily upload your art files. Our website supports most file types , if you have any questions, if you contact our customer support team, we are happy to help you. After the checkout, the designer will personally verify the quality of the artwork and send a certificate for review. The proof will include the hemline and buttonhole position.

Can I choose where to place the hem or the grommet?
We do provide you with custom options for the placement of the hem and grommet. We have several different places where you can take notes for the design team, and you can find these notes when uploading art files or checking out.

What is sublimation printing?
Our custom printing is done using a special dye sublimation process, which saturates the material with ink instead of printing directly on the material. Our special textile banner printing technology can extend the life of the product while making it resistant to scratches and fading.

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